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Winspect performs automated visual inspection of your ropes

Why is visual rope inspection necessary ?
  • to ensure the safety of ropeway installations
  • to identifiy rope anomalies and to prevent their extension
  • to schedule repair actions at the right time
  • to optimize rope operation and to minimize the consequences of maintenance issues
For which result ?
  • to identify external damage 
    • external wire breaksruptures de fils extérieurs
    • structural modification like strand sliding, loosen wire, twisting, waviness
    • wear, corrosion and other external mechanical failures
  • to assess the severity of rope damage and the impact on future rope operation
  • to trigger prevention actions 

Winspect technology brings an efficient and practical solution to the difficult issue of visual inspection as required by authorities. Winspect which makes visual inspection reliable, enables to inspect 100% of the external surface of rope, with no retina visual uncertainty with the help of an image processing software aimed to identify the location of rope surface anomalies. Winspect moreover allows to monitor the spatial distribution of rope diameter and lay of length thus preventing abnormal operation of inspected ropes.

How does Winspect work ?

Winspect device embeds a belt of LEDs that uniformly enlighten the external surface of rope. Images of the external surface are constinuously captured by means of 4 cameras covering a complete rope scan and simultaneously recorded with a dedicated acquisition system. In situ test require no more that 6 minutes per kilometer for an operating speed of 3 m/s.

Winspect analysis

A dedicated iRopeEvaluation software automatically scans the complete surface of inspected rope and yields a list of superficial anomalies. Image processing algorithms are an innovation developed jointly by Winspect Gmbh and its partner the IFT institute from the University of Stuttgart. Winspect technology moreover permits to extract important information such as the diameter and lay length of the rope as drawn on figures above.
The iRopeEvaluation software allows to save snapshots of identified failures and to edit an inspection report that sticks to the criteria of EN-12927 standard and other regulations. Following instances exhibit two anomalies typically encountered such as an external wire break or a lightning stroke.

Key points

Reliability and simplicity

- makes visual inspection reliable complementary to magneto-inductive testing (MRT)
- 100% of rope surface is captured by cameras
- Anomalies are identified by supervised image processing algorithms

Optimization and sustainable maintenance
Stakes and customer needs


Letscan is the sale distributor in France of Winspect technology developped by Winspect Gmbh and assists customers in
  • developping their rope maintenance strategy
  • installing Winspect technology
  • training maintenance technicians.
Letscan performs one shot Winspect service inspection of carrying-hauling, hauling or carrying ropes for cableways as well as the visual inspection of ski tows.
A Win-CMI service may be subscribed to cross-check visual results with the ones of the MRT magneto-inductive inspection.

Letscan remains at your disposal to provide you with more information and to satisfy your needs. Our assistance is very responsive. Contact us without hesitation


11-17 Teknova seminar

Teknova seminar 2017

Letscan was invited to give a lecture at the Teknova Steel and Fiber ropes seminar in Grimstadt, Norway entitled "Explore the hidden world behing MRT signals" to professionnals of the offshore industry

04-17 OIPEEC award

OIPEEC 2017 award

Letscan was awarded the 2017 OIPEEC price for its Wirelet innovation, a numerical tool enabling to explore the time-frequency content of magneto-inductive signals which greatly improves the assessment of rope condition

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